The Feed: The Japanese House, Tungz, Elder Island & more

The Feed: The Japanese House, Elder Island & more

The Feed: The Japanese House, Tungz, Elder Island & more

The Feed: The Japanese House, Elder Island & more

The Feed - Your weekly round-up and digest on all things new music.

October is the busiest time of the year; the city is full of life and touring season is at its peak. What’s more, there’s a flurry of new tunes ready for you to check out in this week’s round-up.

The Japanese House – Lilo

The return of Amber Bain aka The Japanese House is a very welcoming addition to the autumn season with her stunning new single ‘Lilo’. An ode to the blossoming of new relationships, the track itself feels as if something is certainly blossoming as the artist leaps into a more adventurous direction. More to come and a UK tour schedule for November, watch this space.

Tungz – Fruit

In case you missed it, Bristol indie funk stars Tungz dropped their new single ‘Fruit’ which has been on heavy rotation here at HQ. Deliciously dreamy synths, slick rhythm section and vocals that’ll swoon you instantly. A must-listen.

Elder Island – Don’t Lose

New music galore from the city of Bristol and another eye-catcher from experimental pop group Elder Island with new track ‘Don’t Lose’. A compelling presentation with top quality production, beautifully woven rhythms and some of the most stunning vocals you’ll hear in the scene today. A winner from start to finish.

Swimming Girls – Beneath You

Currently on tour with Pale Waves, Bristol pop stars Swimming Girls have released their biggest single to date with ‘Beneath You’. Lead vocalist Vanessa driving such emotion in this anthemic piece, amplified by the band’s glittering guitars and synths that make up for an emotional masterpiece.

Joe Probert – I Couldn’t Want You More

Fresh from his sold-out show on Saturday at The Crofter’s Rights, new single ‘I Couldn’t Want You More’ from Bristol artist Joe Probert provides some much needed refreshment and swag to guitar pop. Fiery vocals and some kick ass guitar work all make for a cracking listen.

Luke Marshall Black – Losing Sleep

If there’s one song that’ll take you by surprise, have a listen to Luke Marshall Black’s beautifully crafted piece ‘Losing Sleep’. Starting off with a calm piano note and strong vocal tones before exploding into an emotional beast that’ll completely swallow up your heart. Simply remarkable.