The Feed: Wych Elm, Bonsi, Nilüfer Yanya and more

The Feed: Wych Elm, Bonsi, Nilüfer Yanya and more

The Feed: Wych Elm, Bonsi, Nilüfer Yanya and more

The Feed: Wych Elm, Bonsi, Nilüfer Yanya and more

The Feed - Your weekly round-up and digest on all things new music.

Photo: Simon Holliday

2019 is delivering the goods so far with tune after tune and this week is no exception. Here’s our roundup of the best new releases.

Wych Elm – Monkey Jaw / Help Me

Two tracks in one! Bristol up and coming group Wych Elm have truly kicked off 2019 with new release ‘Monkey Jaw / Help Me’, enticing listeners into their sinister grunge rock. Sweltering guitar lines, twisted vocals and words that will send shivers down your spine; all of which merge into something beautifully dark and original. The band’s EP is due out in March with a launch show on 23rd at Rough Trade, hosted by So Young Magazine and Wax Music.

Bonsi – A Friend

The work of Bonnie Churcher-Owen, otherwise known as Bonsi, has made the perfect introduction with debut single ‘A Friend’. Ethereal R&B that blends chiming sequences, pulsating backing beat and heavenly harmonies seamlessly into something that’s absolutely stunning.

Nilüfer Yanya – In Your Head

Nilüfer Yanya’s sound has evolved drastically over the past year, blending soul, pop and jazz among her sharp storytelling. Now in 2019 and announcing details of her anticipated debut album Miss Universe, the singer has shared first single ‘In Your Head’ – an explosive wave of unapologetic pop that’s an instant winner. With her sound maturing and taking an adventurous direction, it’s going to be an exciting few months for the London artist.

SLONK – Strange

We’ve just about recovered from the incredibly fun launch party for Bristol artist SLONK’s EP release Holidays (review of the show incoming!). ‘Strange’ the final track from the record closes in spectacular fashion, warming you with such honesty before an explosion of violins, harmonicas and backing vocals that make up for a memorable finale.

Kahlla- Small

Heart-melting and truly stunning; new single ‘Small’ from London based artist and songwriter Kahlla simply hits you at the very core with the kind of sound that blossoms from different experiences, cultures and surroundings that’s then beautifully composed into music of such significance. A firm favourite.

ASTRYD – Lapse

Ending our list with some pulsating techno released via Bristol curators Dialogue. Single ‘Lapse’ from residents ASTRYD sonically builds up into night with shifting sound effects and rippling beats that carry you into the early hours of the morning. Solid work from the exciting new label venture.